Mexico Jaltenango Chiapas - Decaf

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Mexico Jaltenango Chiapas - Decaf


Lemon, nut, and sweet graham.

Origin: Mexico

Region: Chiapas

Farm: Multiple Farmers

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Mondo Novo

Altitude: 900-1400 Meters

Process: Fully Washed/Mountain Water Process 

12oz Wholebean

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From Cafe Imports

Take advantage of a great program dedicated to bringing the highest quality, naturally processed decaf to market. Origin Select Decafs are sourced green by Café Imports prior to decaffeination, breaking from the industry norm. By doing this we are able to provide the highest quality MWP or E.A processed products available. Offerings with the Farm Select Decaf name go one step further. We have carefully chosen microlots to be decaffeinated, in order to offer an even higher-end line of traceable options.

This specific lot comes to us from Jaltenango, a sub region and spread of municipalities within Mexico's southern-most state of Chiapas. A total of 427 producers with 15757 hectares of coffee contributed to this Origin Select Decaf offering; the varieties present are Bourbon, Typico, Mondo Novo, and Caturra. Since the recent emergence of Roya, or "Rust", producers have been proactively planting varieties resistant to rust infestation: Catimor, Sarchimor, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica, Guacamalla, and Marseillaise. Farms in this area experience abundant rain during the summer average upwards of 4 meters of precipitation annually. This, coupled with an average annual temperature between 18-22° C and elevations ranging from 900-1400 meters above sea level, reinforces the strong production of coffee from Chiapas. All coffee is harvested by hand, wet processed, and sun dried to a moisture content of 12%.